Wet soil

Sweet Black-eyed Susan
Swamp Milkweed
Maximillian Sunflower
Blue Vervain
Cardinal Flower
Blue Lobelia
Sneeze Weed
New England Aster
Anise Hyssop
Purple Coneflower
Showy Goldenrod
Prairie Blazing Star
Yellow Giant Hyssop

Black-eyed Susan
Wild Bergamont
Prairie Dock
Wild Quinine
Meadow Blazing Star
Sooth Blue Aster
Foxglove Beardtongue
Rattle Snake Master
Canadian Milk Vetch
Wild Senna
Prairie Sage
(False) Early Sunflower
Ohio Spiderwort
Common Milkweed
Dry soil

Pale Purple Coneflower
Butterfly Weed
Lance-leaf Coreopsis
Sky Blue Aster
White Wild Indigo
Button Blazing Star
Large Purple Beardtongue
Western Sunflower
Yellow Coneflower
Cream Wild Indigo
Partridge Pea
Lead Plant
Prairie Onion
Culver's Root
Prairie wildflower suggestions according to soil moisture type.
Note that some pllants are well adapted to more than one soil moisture type;
for instance, Lance-leaf Coreopsis can do as well in Mesic soil as in Dry soil.