Many consumers are increasingly curious about the
their goods.  

We welcome this interest in what Broad View Seed
does and hope this site provides you with the
information you require.

At the heart of our business are core of values woven
into improving lives of our customers and of native

We care about our customer's success.  This is
premised on our  motivation to establish more prairie
wildflowers which in turn will support the survival of
native life.
John, owner/manager, maintains  a prairie wildflower
garden of about one acre.   Plus, he manages
one-hundred conservation acres on the farm that
contain native plants.

The numbers of native life at Broad View Garden has
dramatically increased since the gardening began in
2010.  The prairie wildflower plants create habitat for
song birds, toads, frogs, snakes, butterflies, bumble
bees, and other insects.  

Each year we add more kinds of prairie wildflowers to
the garden.  All prairie wildflowers have become rare
as native habitat is virtually gone.  Some prairie
wildflowers are even more rare than others.  Broad
View Garden has established species cited on the
threatened/endangered list.

Broad View Garden is unique for the number of
prairie plants and pollinators abounding.

There is a stark contrast between the area
encompassing Broad View's prairie wildflower
plantings and the surrounding cropped land.
When witnessing the variety of birds, butterflies, and
bumble bees at Broad View; there is no doubt as to the
power of prairie wildflowers have in amplifying native

Without customers, Broad View Garden would not be
able to operate and continue to expand.

Without customers, Broad View Seed would not be
able to carry out on a business of assisting gardeners
to establish prairie wildflowers.

We are grateful to the values held by our customers.  
Broad View Seed joins in those core value beliefs of
respect for all life, for acting responsibly to preserve
life, and for treasuring the beauty of nature.