The number one problem for wildflower gardens is not getting rid of grass
and weed seed before the wildflower seed was planted.  As a result, as the
wildflowers emerge a crop of weeds sprouts and then you got a mess.  

Sometimes the weeds are so thick the best thing to do is start all over again.  
Usually, being zealous means going over board, but in this case, being
zealous about getting rid of the weed bank in the soil is a superb strategy.

To spray or not to spray with glyphosate or Select Max?  Yes, both can be
safely used with problem residual traces not occurring.

An efficient way to reduce unwanted grass and weeds is by using these
herbicides.  Indeed, a much cleaner garden bed can be accomplished
now-days compared with fifty years ago due to these chemical helpers now

Indeed, it would have taken several gardeners many hours with hand tools to
weed an area that can be done today with a hand sprayer in a short amount of

Glyphosate is a herbicide that is safe to use when following the
manufacturer's application directions.  
Using 2 ounces per gallon of water is a general guideline.  However, look at
the instructions on the product.  Some glyphosate may contain 20%
glyphosate while another product may be of a higher concentrate, perhaps
66% glyphosate.  

Spending around $80.00 for a 4 gallon back-pack sprayer may seen
overboard for a 200 square foot plot of prairie wildflowers.  However, this
sprayer can save you time and you can use it to maintain other parts of your
yard.  For instance, use this same sprayer to comb your lawn and kill
dandelions; but use a specialty herbicide for weeds in the lawn, not the
glyphosate nor the Select Max.

Application of herbicide becomes so much easier when carrying that 4 gallon
weight strapped across your shoulders.  Plus, rarely do you need to fill it
with more than two or three gallons.

A back-pack sprayer lasts for many years.  Usually, if the back-pack sprayer
is going to go hay-wire it seems to happen in the first two months.  Say it acts
up, just take it back to the store to ask for a warranty replacement or request
the cash and purchase a different brand. two
Herbicide application