Melting of ice sheets and Climate Change:  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  
The science of reading ice cores:  NASA
Rise in temperature:  NOAA
Iowa scientists that affirm mankind is dramatically changing the climate: listed scientists from Iowa
Climate Change: Lines of Evidence  
National Environment Research Council on ice core record:  
British Antarctic Survey
Union of Concerned Scientists -- Western wild fires:  Climate Change link    
National Resources Defense Council:  
forests turned into kindle for wildfires
Climate Change and the Jet Stream: 2012 Theories
Artic warming linked to Jet Stream change: 2014 Rutgers University Scientists
Artic warming and the Jet Stream--Professor Jennifer Francis:   Wavier Jet Stream    Weird Jet Stream
Sea level rise:  The National Geographic
Solar energy cycle is not a cause of current global warming:   Earth's temperature rising and Sun's temperature weaker     
Global warming being stored predominately in the oceans:  
Heat Budget Index   NASA scientist Dr. Joshua Willis   Warmth stored in oceans
Ocean warming accounts for 93.4%:  Where is Global Warming Going?
Scientists predict a 170 percent increase in ocean acidity by the end of this century, a third of ocean life won't be able to survive  (Newsy was
called "the future of mobile news" by The Huffington Post.)  Youtube video on United Nations study:
 CO2 Emissions Rapidly Acidifying Oceans
Rob Dunbar:   The threat of ocean acidification
National Geographic and Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Enricala launched the Pristine Seas project to find, survey, and help protect the last wild
places in the ocean:  
Ocean Acidification    
William Gutowski, Professor at Iowa State University, Published Youtube video on May 28, 2015:  
Climate Change
University of Iowa, Published Youtube video on April 22, 2014:  
Iowa's Sustainability Future