Changing is at the center of being innovative.  
Here's a glimpse of
bvs activities that drive forward our

1.  Adding Customer value to our seed mix continues
to be a high priority.

For instance,
bvs understands that solving one 0f the  
customer's toughest problems is maintenance.  We want
you to leave your mark on the earth in a beautiful way,
but without countless hours of exhausting labor.

We provide low maintenance advice and pass this on to
our customers.   
Access here to garden care...

2.  Education is a essential for changing hearts and
minds to save native species from extinction.

bvs has conducted numerous presentations to groups
within a fifty-five mile radius in the past years.

3.  Research drives us to higher levels of performance.    

We research how butterflies interact and respond to
various prairie wildflower plants.  

Our prairie wildflowers are observed to  note the
particular characteristics of each species.
Another realm of our R&D study is focused on
Bumble Bees

bvs has made the support of Bumble Bees a special
st.   Populations in the Midwest have been
devastated.  Yet, at Broad View Garden there
have been
up to seven
species sighted some years.  We aim to
increase those numbers and sustain the several species at
the Garden.   We do this simply because we are just so
very fond of Bumble Bees.  

However, in 2017 only two species were identified at our
garden.  We can only theorize as to why.  Perhaps, crop
insecticide spraying was more wide spread in the
vicinity.  Another guess is that the formula potency for
insecticide was revved up.

We are striving to build a more favored Bumble Bee
landscape.  Yet, this may be in vain if chemicals are
applied in such a manner to annihilate all the local
Bumble bee species.  

4.  Expansion of native wildflowers is adding
opportunities for both pollinator and song bird success.

One notable result, week after week in October and
through the winters of 2014-2016, the numbers of seed
eating birds at Broad View Garden were a great many
more than in previous years.  So many that one heard a
chorus sound of musical chirps even in the depths of
winter days.   

A great feeling of gratitude comes when among the
multitudes of life at
a prairie wildflower garden.
How bvs is changing:
 adding customer value